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Copywright 2014 "Say it with Music" DJ Service

Evansville Wedding Up Lighting with
"Say it with Music" DJ Service
Reception Package and Dance Lighting
Evansville DJ Service serving Evansville and Southern Indiana
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LED Up Lighting has many advantages.  They are brighter, they conserve energy, and they will not burn.  They also add a more virbrant color to the room and a more dedicated throw to add a little more enchancement to your decorations.  Backlighted table skirts have a also become very popular and will add another nice touch to enhance and spotlight the couple of the day.  It will make all of your wedding pictures really jump out and can be accomplished quite easily.  Get a free quote and discover how much "Say it with Music" can add to the appearance of your special day!!! 

Wedding Up Lighting(Basic)

No doubt about it!!!  Up Lighting makes a Wedding reception more elegant and will enhance your decorations.  "Say it with Music" is committed to bringing you the most affordable Up Lighting packages in the Tri State area.  We utillize both LED and Par 38 Up Lights.  Our most affordable package is great for couples who don't want to over-do it and just want to help accent the appearance of the room. Typically, we'll add lights to each corner with one or two in between, giving a discreet and classy approach.

Gobo Monogram Lights

Gobo Monogram lights are now becoming very popular at Wedding Receptions.  This effect allows us to project the Bride and Grooms name either on the floor or behind the Wedding head table.  It is a very nice added touch to make your reception more elegant and memorable.