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Copywright 2014 "Say it with Music" DJ Service

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Evansville Wedding DJ Service serving Evansville and Southern Indiana
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Evansville DJ Services Meet the DJ
Evansville DJ Service Meet the DJ
Evansville DJ Services Meet the DJ

My name is Daniel Gustafson and I am the owner operator of "Say it with Music" DJ Service and I am very excited to live out my final years doing what I love the best.  I am fortunate because many of my friends that I have worked with in broadcasting have been forced to take other jobs.  I have come a long way since 1983 with the DJ Service.  That is when I was first introduced to broadcasting and being a Mobile DJ.  That's right!  We didn't have MP3 Players or Lap Tops and getting music was tough.  If you were lucky, you knew a guy that owned a jukebox and were able to buy 45's that way, otherwise, you were forced to go to rummage sales or buy them new.  A library of 30,000 songs was not easy to come by.  If you weren't able to fill every request, you made sure you had the main requested songs and you learned how to be entertaining so the crowd would forget you didn't have every song.  Look at the industry now and how it has grown!

I strive hard to keep the library maintained with music that will be appealing to every age group.  This includes hits from the 40's to 2014.  I am not limited to my own era of music as some people seem to think and I really can't believe turning 40 would instill in some peoples mind that I don't know the current hits.  I have to laugh about it because after 25 years of Radio and Mobile experience, I have watched the charts and I have seen stars come and go.  I was around when Michael Jackson was singing as a kid with the Jackson Five and I have seen the rise of stars like Pitbull, Lady Ga Ga, Pharren Williams, and 2 PAC, just to name a few.  Labels don't define your musical preferences and it certainly does not define you as an entertainer.  Yes, I am getting older, but the music in my blood hasn't changed.  I can "Wobble Wobble" with the best of them.  I am not going to apologize for my age because at 49, I am more energetic then I have ever been. 

What seperates me from my competitors is, I have a natural way of being able to read a dance floor and being able to adjust my music according to a specific crowd and age groups.  Musical Experience gives you the knowledge needed to deliver the perfect song at the perfect time.  I can be energetic or I can be laid back.  It is your preference.  I have worked many formats in radio and was actually doing a very adult format when I was 18, so speaking to 18 year olds now is no different then what I was doing then.  Actually it is easier.  There can only be one reason for age specific DJ's and I am not going to compete with that.  I don't have to.  If someone wants good music that they can dance to and be able to enjoy themselves around their friends, I can certainly provide everything you are looking for.  I run a DJ Service that provides good music and good equipment and we try to please every customer.

I am no stranger to Public Speaking, I have been doing it for years.  I have worked at several Radio Stations including 105.3FM in Evansville, 104.7 WITZ in Jasper, and WPCO in Mt Vernon, IN.  There were others but I don't feel like posting my entire resume here is necessary.  You can trust that I am very professional on events and I will make sure that all of your requests are fullfilled. 

Thanks for visiting my Web Page and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I am always happy to answer them.  You can call me anytime at (812)204-9672 and I will either pick up the phone or return your call promptly.  That's a quality that seems to be hard to find these days but you can count on me.  Once again, thanks and Good Luck with your preperations.

Meet the DJ
Daniel Gustafson
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